Are there cancellation fees?

No. We all are striving for a successful close of escrow. Sometimes transactions fall through in spite of everyone's efforts. KingWest understands that no one is getting paid not even us. If escrow cancels there is no charge for services rendered.

My office is located in Northern California. Can you help me too?

Yes. Since KingWest Transaction Services started in 2004, we have been working with agents throughout California. Besides complying with the Bureau of Real Estate requirements, your particular's broker's checklist, and local area ordinances and regulations that pertain to real estate, you can be assured that your file will be in full compliance. 

Who gets copies of my closed file?

You, your broker, and your clientKingWest Transaction Services will ensure your broker receives the completed file (either CD, Thumb Drive, or Hardy Copy, as desired).We will also provide a copy to you, and a copy will be sent to your client. This is also included in our fees. 

Can I pay for the TC fee on my credit card?

No. KingWest Transaction Services does not accept major credit cards, however for your convenience we do prefer to be paid through escrow. For fee information, please refer to the 'Our Services' tab. 

How do I get started?

Download and complete the form on the "Getting Started" Page. First time clients will be required to read and sign our TC Agreement. You can send in your file (email is preferred) with the TC agreement (found on 'Getting Started' tab) and you will be contacted to get started on your file. 

Why do most successful Realtors® have a Transaction Coordinator?

Time and efficiency.

Having a transaction coordinator is like having your own personal assistant for your real estate business, without having to pay a salary, provide paid vacations and health benefits. 

My broker requires all transactions files to be uploaded to their  

transaction management platform. Do you do that?

Yes. We have handled transactions for many of the large brokerages who require this of their agents. We have worked with transaction management programs such as: Transaction Point, dotloop, Skyslope, Back Agent, Reesio, Paperless Pipeline and EZ Coordinator, to name a few. This service is included in our fees.